Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Outfit of the Day

If I ever can't decide what to wear, I always go for a little black dress. It might not be the most imaginative, but it is quick and I know I can accessorise it in so many different ways. Plus, a black dress never goes out of fashion. (A massive bonus for me as I own so many!)

This one is from Zara for approx £30

And the rest of the look:


And finally,

There is nothing like a spritz of a scent that you discovered many moons ago. Mine happens to be Ghost and I always pick it out on a day when I want to feel a little bit special. It's such a feminine scent combining jasmine with rose petals and soft vanilla with earthy sandalwood. It is perfect for the daytime, especially at this time of year as it is so light and fresh. 

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