Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Amsterdam Part 2

So, you survived Part 1 did you?! Congratulations! Don't worry this post won't be as long.

I just wanted to show you what other excitements I saw in Amsterdam. As I wasn't there for long, I didn't really set about to do what I call 'proper' clothes shopping (too many sights to see!), but I did come across some shops worth a mention and a few accessories did happen make their way into my luggage. 

First to mention is Laura Dols and this vintage store was definitely a highlight of the visit. In fact, there are two Laura Dols, both down the same little Amsterdam street directly opposite each other and by goodness do they hold some remarkable pieces.

One of the things I liked so much about Laura Dols is that I felt completely at ease browsing there. Some vintage stores, particularly in London, have gotten so pretentious it's ridiculous. Ditto the prices. Luckily, this can't be said for Laura Dols and it was a refreshing experience. 

I was giddy with excitement to see what I might find in there and I wasn't disappointed. Each floor of the shop was dedicated to one style of garment - for example; fifties gowns, sensational evening dresses, tuxedos for the guys and perhaps my favourite, the wedding dresses (racks and racks of them!)
I can dream...
It was in the shop across the road that I made a couple of purchases. Nothing as extravagant as a wedding dress unfortunately, but definitely a couple of bargains. 

Bargain boots!
These sturdy leather boots were hidden away at the back of the shop with a whole lot of others. I managed to get them for a very decent 25 Euros. There were probably a couple of other pairs I could quite easily of had my mitts on, but my suitcase wouldn't have thanked me for it. Neither would my arms.

The second item is this sweet swimming hat and it makes me laugh every time I look at it. I just had to have it even though I rarely go swimming. I will be and have been, using it as a shower hat. My hair gets utterly frizzy with any sign of moisture so I always wear a shower hat, and as my friends know that I spend a huge proportion of my life in the shower, a lot of my presents tend to be novelty shower hats. You know the sort - sequined with gigantic bows or with ears and plastic eyes on. Well, this time I decided to be slightly more decadent and buy myself something more sophisticated. All over ruffles. What more could a girl want?

Just whilst we are on hats, I'll throw this one into the mix. It's from the Dutch H&M. I think it's adorable and it only cost me 7 Euros. Since being back I've seen them here in the UK too, so if any one's interested...

Whenever I am abroad I always try to track down some jewellery. It doesn't have to be expensive, but I like to have something to keep to remind me of my trip. My particular favourite is silver jewellery and luckily for me, I stumbled across an absolute treasure trove of a shop just near one of Amsterdam's flower markets. The shop is called Kashba and contains a whole host of stunning bits and pieces from Peru, Tibet, Africa, Mongolia, Thailand, Nepal...the list goes on. There are statues, ritual objects, pieces of furniture and ornaments - some so intricately carved that you have to look twice to take it all in. Then, of course, there's the jewellery. I spied so many things that I would just loved to have bought. In the end though, I had to narrow it down and the earrings below were my final choice. These are delicately handcrafted and most probably from Asia. I saw them in the window and knew I would find it difficult to leave them behind.

If this shop sounds of interest to you, then I urge you to go to the website. There is a 360 degree camera view where you can really get a feel for the place. Click HERE to do just that. 

Okay, so onto the last thing. As you may or may not remember, I did a post a while ago about how I am always on the hunt to find THE perfect purple nail polish. ('Operation Purple') Well, I managed to pick up two more to add to the mix whilst in Amsterdam. 

  • W.I.C by Herome (Mexico City) 7.50 Euros
  • BeYu (139 Fantastic Lilac) 5.80 Euros
I will let you know how they fair.

Hope you've enjoyed this post - I know it's been a bit of a hodge podge, sorry about that -anyway if you have muddled your way through and liked it then do sign up to follow - it will make my day!

Ciao for now x

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