Saturday, 7 May 2011

Nail of the Day

I picked this polish up the other day from Model's Own. I'm a complete sucker for lilac shades so this was right up my street...


Model's Own in Lilac Dream
I was wondering whether it would beat my all time favourite lilac shade - Barry M's Berry Ice Cream (308) - it seems to be the best there is around in terms of formulation, colour and well, price - it is an unbeatable £2.99.

So the Model's Own polish was up against it really. Having said that, I'm impressed. With two coats you get good, full, even coverage and it goes on like a dream. It is priced at a reasonable £5 so not really any complaints there and in terms of chipping, it has lasted remarkably well (5 days).

I also bought a couple of other shades from the range that I've yet to try. They're not cremes so I'm wondering what they'll be like. Have any of you tried any of them?

Ciao for now x

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