Friday, 23 September 2011

Outfit of a Wedding Guest

A couple of weekends ago, I attended a family wedding and had an absolutely super time. The couple looked amazing and a splendid day was had by all. I thought I'd do a very quick post to share with you what I wore.

Dress: French Connection

Shoes: Office - (dug out from the back of my wardrobe) Heel = insanely high, nevertheless I did a heck of a lot of dancing in them...

Jewellery: Not wanting to take away from the detailing of the dress, I chose not to wear a necklace or any bracelets. I did however, stick with my silver rings (I feel naked without them!)

Nail Varnish: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure - Pedal to the Metal £6.99


That's it for today folks - told you it was going to be quick! Hope you liked it though, perhaps leave me a little comment? 
Ciao for now x

PS. I will be announcing the winner of my Uber Mega Giveaway very shortly - sorry for the hold up!


  1. i love the detailing of the dress and those shoes look fab! ♥

  2. @kris Beauty Thanks so much! Glad you like it ;) x