Saturday, 23 April 2011

Eyebrow Threading Review

Yesterday I had my eyebrows threaded. For the first time. What?! I hear you cry - it is 2011 and everyone (including their grannies) has been doing it for years now. You can't go anywhere without tripping over a 'brow bar' - in the middle of shopping centers, department stores and even some street corners.
I've always had a thing about my eyebrows. Whatever I do they just don't look quite right. It's not for want of trying - believe me my brows have undergone the most rigorous of changes. They have been bushy/plucked/waxed/dyed/drawn in and finally just left to settle in some kind of unsatisfactory state. So when threading came into the arena I thought I was a lost cause which was rather stupid of me given that as a make up artist I know that a well-groomed brow really does shape and frame the face.

BEFORE: Oh Dear!
So I decided it was now time to take the bull by the horns once again. 

The Shavata Brow Bar I visited is inside House of Fraser in Victoria SW1. I was keen to try this particular place because of Shavata herself - the renowned threader to the stars. She has worked in the industry for over 20 years and the brow bars are an extension of her philosophy to give clients a 'mini face lift.'
Once I arrived, I relayed my predicament to Poona, the therapist who was assessing the damage. I felt in very safe hands as Poona's brows were immaculate and lets be fair, mine couldn't really get any worse. She immediately told me that there were bits that I needed to let grow (places I'd been over-zealous with the tweezers) but that it wouldn't be that long before my brows would look how I'd always dreamed. Apparently, they weren't weird or malformed afterall. 

The threading itself was relatively painless, basically just like a little pinching sensation and as the whole process took less than fifteen minutes, it was nothing I couldn't live with. The end result was astonishing! My eyebrows were neat, tidy and incredibly I had an arch. I have never had an arch.

After my Shavata threading experience...

So all in all, I am delighted with the outcome of my threading experience. It has taken 27 years but I think I'm finally happy with the way my eyebrows look.

Showing my natural curls and my new eyebrows...

There’s a whole line of Shavata brow grooming products which you can buy HERE. I bought the brow tamer for £14.50 which is absolutely genius.

There are Shavata Brow Studios Manchester, Belfast, Leeds, Reading, Edinburgh, Harrods & House of Fraser in London Richmond, EC4, SW1, W1C.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment below if you have your brows threaded or are yet to try it...and don't forget to follow if you aren't already!

Ciao for now x


  1. love the eyebrows.... and the hair!

  2. The first time I had my eyebrows threaded I was wowed by the shape. I found the experience a little weird, the threading movement can feel a little odd the first time, but there is no denying the results are brilliant.
    Love the curls by the way!!

  3. Style on the Couch - yup it did feel a bit strange - but I soon settled into it and I've since been for my second session and the outcome was even better than the first. Yippee for finally getting decent brows!

    Thanks for the curls compliment - it is a very rare occurance ;)

  4. Bettina - Thank you so much for the compliment - it really does mean a lot. I have had rubbish brows for as long as I can remember so it is a real treat to finally get a routine going with them. :)

  5. I don't want to sound mean or scare you but I heard of a girl that caught a disease from eyebrow threading because the women put the thread in their mouth and you end up bleeding a little from the pulling. If they have a disease that can be transferred by saliva and you bleed from the threading be forwarned that you can get the disease too. I stopped going to get my eyebrows threaded and learned to do it myself. Much safer.

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  8. it won't be for long. You do have to help her stretch the skin above your eye a few times, threading or waxing