Wednesday, 13 April 2011

SNOG - tastic!

There's nothing quite like having a massive SNOG - utterly satisfying on so many levels. Luckily, the kind I'm talking about doesn't require a man or anyone else for that matter, it is a purely self-satisfying treat.

Yes, there is quite a big place in my heart for SNOG frozen yogurt and I thought I would share with you the reasons why.

Blueberry & Natural Snog with no toppings...

Yummy scrummy!

There are currently four flavours (but they often add seasonal specials like Spiced Apple or Passion Fruit): Natural, Green Tea, Blueberry and Chocolate -

Whichever flavour you go for, the froyo is so smooth and refreshing and you're safe in the knowledge that there is no sugar/no fat and no other nasty ingredients in them. Yipppeee! 

So the idea is that you decide what flavour you'd like (I can never decide so I get a mix of two usually natural and whatever takes my fancy on that particular day) and then you look at the toppings bar. Now the toppings bar is something else. There is such an array of treats! All the different fruits you can think of from pomegranate seeds to bananas are available, as are nuts, seeds and other healthy delights. But don't worry if you fancy something a little more indulgent. There are 'naughty SNOGS' such as mini Oreo's, white & milk chocolate cookies, gluten free brownies, chocolate stars etc. Hehe!
Some nice person keen to get their mitts on their Oreo, cookie & strawberry SNOG

It isn't just the fact that they taste amazingly awesome, oh no, these babies have an array of health benefits too:

  • No fat
  • No artificial sweeteners (instead SNOG frozen yogurt is sweetened with organic agave nectar)
  • Low calorie content
  • Low glycemic index (GI)
  • No artificial colouring
  • High in protein and calcium
  • Live and active probiobic cultures  

On top of all that, each of the different flavours can offer their own health benefits too:

  • Green tea - perfect for an instant antioxidant hit.(Bonus SNOG uses the finest Japanese Matcha tea!)
  • Chocolate - believed to release the happy hormone, serotonin and contains lots of alkaloids. 
  • Blueberry - contains all the vitamins and dietary fibre that you would associate with this super berry.
  • Natural - all those pre and pro biotics!
(Note: That's just the frozen yogurt...if you choose to have a couple of fruit toppings, think of all the extra vitamins you'll be getting!)

And that's why I love having a SNOG.

Uber Healthy SNOG!
The shops themselves are pretty out there.The floor is lino with green grass printed on it, the ceiling is a soothing sky blue colour and there are little lights that hang down like clouds...

Unfortunately, there are only a few SNOG shops around - all in London bar one. I shall list the locations below:
  • South Kensington
  • Westfield Shopping Centre
  • Soho
  • Kings Rd, Chelsea
  • Covent Garden
  • Dubai
No where near you? Don't despair! You don't think I'd tantalise your taste buds like that without coming up with a plan B did you? The folks at SNOG have just released a new book.

To be truthful, I have never been so excited by the release of a cookery/baking book before and luckily it hasn't disappointed. There are recipes for the frozen yogurts themselves and although they don't taste exactly the same as the shop ones (due to the manufacturing methods) they are still absolutely delicious. Other recipes include gluten free brownies, an amazing nutty creamy pudding thing and some awesome fruit concoctions. All uber healthy. (They even tell you on each page what's so good about each particular ingredient!)

The book is available from amazon for £9.32

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Ciao for now x

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  1. Oh great post!! I love yoghurt, and after reading this post I'm in need of a good SNOG too!! Will need to campaign on opening a store in Australia!

  2. love the post!! white&milk choc cookies sound the one for me!!