Thursday, 25 August 2011

OMG! It's Not Purple...

No purple NOTD! Check me out...bought these little beauties form Orly. 
From left to right:
  • Tiara
  • It's Up To Blue
  • Etolie
  • Blue Belle 
Orly's Blue Belle
Orly's It's Up to Blue

Orly polishes have a bit of a cult following. Personally, I don't own many so was interested to pick up four of the miniatures in a local independent pharmacy (£3.99 each). The display of these babies is adorable and I defy anyone who has any interest in nail colour to walk past them. I would say it is near on impossible.
Oh yes please!!!
As you know, I very rarely move away from my staple range of purple shades, however with these 5.4ml bottles it seemed the perfect time for me to broaden my horizons so to speak.

Orly is a higher end polish but with this size you get to pay a small amount for a good quality product (& you get to finish the bottle before it goes all gloopy!). Each shade is free of DBP, formaldehyde and toluene (harmful toxins) - so a real bonus in my book.

In terms of application, Orly's famous 'gripper cap' makes things a whole lot easier. Rubber with grooves there is no chance of any hand slippage. The brush is fairly thin - I'd prefer it to be wider as with some of the polishes streaking became an issue. 

I needed two/three coats of each of these colours as they were quite thin. A base & top coat is also a necessity to stop chipping. Whilst these are not my favourite polishes, I would buy them again. I think the formulations vary from shade to shade so I may well have to buy a few more in order to do some further 'scientific' research! ;)

You can buy these little miniatures online and in some larger Boots stores at the rather overpriced £5. I guess it is going to be pot luck if you can find them cheaper like I did - perhaps leave a comment below if you've struck gold! 
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  1. Orly do metallics so well- love the look of Tiara here. PS Am getting final bits this weekend for the super trans-continental haul, you nearly ready to do a send?? So excited!

  2. I don't have any Orly polishes. But after reading this post I am thinking of buying some of them.. Loved the post!