Monday, 22 August 2011

Outfit of the Other Day (Vintage)

It is so lovely being in the English countryside during harvest. I don't think anything in the world can compare to it. Luckily enough, this year I managed to get out of London and visit the family at exactly the right time. In such beautiful surroundings I thought I'd show you the look I went for on this very warm day.

It smells so good...
  • Vintage Dress: From the 1970's with pussy bow tie and bell sleeves.
  • Wellies: Traditional Hunter (My Dad's actually!)
Sprout getting involved in farm life by eating grass...

Ring: Vintage Stirling Silver 1960's

Other rings I wrote about in my Jumpsuit Outfit Of the Day. Click HERE if you want to see...

Errrm...I think they're in need of a good clean...
Earrings: Stirling silver - picked up from a charity shop, a bit 90's - can't exactly remember how much for now, but when I wear them they make me feel rather regal! 


Simple & girlie. The dress is flamboyant enough for daytime so no need to go over the top with the makeup. Here is what I used the create the look:

I love my Sleek Pout Polish!
So that my darlings, is all for today. I really hope you've liked some of what you've seen. If you have, perhaps think about doing one of the following...
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Thanks & Ciao for now x

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  1. Wow That one of you on your hinkers in the field is stunning!! You hair like that is how I wanted my hair for my wedding but the HD failed, she sort of got it on the trial but missed it on the day :(