Friday, 5 August 2011

Where Oh Where Has Emmie Been?

So yes, where oh where has Emmie been? Well, to tell you the truth of it folks I've been having a really tough old time of it lately. I know I posted a little while back that I had been ill in hospital after quite a serious operation. Well, I thought things were beginning to pick up - my health getting stronger etc. But unfortunately life doesn't work out quiet like that. Emotionally, one or two things have floored me. 

Recently, there have been gloomy clouds hanging over nearly every situation - all ready to burst.  I could stay under the duvet cover crying for days on end -I honestly felt like life was that pointless. Friends would come and say to me that I needed to smile and make an effort but what for I thought? Why would I be fake? I needed to feel I was being authentic in every situation. If that meant being negative and depressed then so be it. 

But then, not so long ago, someone really special said to me, "You're so sensitive, why do you have to see things so negatively all the time?" And although at that moment, I really wanted to slap them, it really made me stop and think. In the round, am I a negative person? 

The answer is most definitely no. I’ve always gravitated toward those things that were wholesome, idealistic, uplifting, and caring. It is a special interest of mine (has been since childhood) and believe it or not, one of the reasons I began this blog. (But that's another story...)

Just the fact that I had these natural inclinations meant that there was and is a lot of potential for turning my negative mindset around. It is a great help to me to learn how to relax my rules and let go. Now I like to remind myself that:

    No one is responsible for my own happiness but me.

Although a little unorthodox for my blog, I thought I'd share with you the things that are helping me along my journey to self contentment. 
  • Listening (or playing) music...
Probably one of the first things I turn to when I'm feeling sad.Sitting with my headphones on takes me to a parallel universe. There are so many great songs out there. Find something that really connects with you.

This is one of my particular favourites - Nico's rendition of These Days. If you haven't heard it before just hit the play button and you'll soon figure out why it's such a beauty.

  • Walking & being outside.
You might mot feel like it, but getting out does help. I like taking out my cheeky border terrier Sprout out for strolls in the sun.

Building up endorphins!
Sprout the dog
  • Reading a good ole' book

C.S Lewis - once said, "We read to know that we are not alone," and by goodness did he have a point.

Everyone has their favourites. Here are some of mine. Available from all decent bookshops I might add.

Aesop's Fables
The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger
Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier
Midnight's Children by Salmon Rushdie 
Little Dorritt by Charles Dickens
I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith
Possession by AS Byatt
The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes

  • Looking at my favourite pictures 
What you can see around you when you are feeling a bit hopeless can make all the difference. This is one of my favourite pictures - and a very famous one at that. I had a postcard of it once that I kept in my journal and whenever I felt a bit of a wobble (which we all do at times) I'd sneak a peek at it.Doesn't the sky seem to whisk you to a far away place?

Van Gogh - Starry Night

I added a lovely song 'My favourite work of art' by Amatorski to listen to whilst you are looking at the Van Gogh. I think it's very soothing!
  • Having a nice hot bath or shower or a good meditation.

Philosophy's hope in a jar
"Where there is hope there can be faith, where there is faith miracles can occur"

Okay girlies, we know how this one roles. A bit of self nurturing. Time to wind down, put your woes to one side and light some scented candles. A bit of proper relaxation. Perhaps you know how to meditate or do yogic breathing.Or maybe you would prefer to give yourself a full on refreshing hair mask. Whatever helps you bring a bit of warmth inside - do it. You know you can.

I didn't mean to write this post. In fact, this was meant to be July favourites. But as I've been feeling the way I've been feeling and starting to come through it, I felt it only right to share it with all you guys. Quite a heavy post I know, but it isn't as if these issues don't crop up at some time for each and every one of us.

I will leave you with one thought.

Things will always be all right in the end, no matter what way they turn out.

Ciao for now x


  1. I'm glad your back! I was strating to worry! I missed reading your blog :) xoxo

  2. Arrrgh, thanks darling! :) I'm glad to be back!

  3. Hugs buddy , writing this was probably therapeutic in itself for you but you know what ur strength and positivory shines thru in every paragraph x good to have u back x

  4. So glad you are looking at positive things in life=)))keep going like that=)))

  5. Aww we all have depressing days :( I hope you're feeling better now. You look amazing btw :)

  6. Welcome back :)

    Life can be hard sometimes, we really have to keep picking ourselves up, and using the support of others, and doing things like you suggest, to get through these difficult bits.

  7. You asked for your competition what your favorite blog was: well this is definitely it. I'm glad to hear that the silver lining is showing itself and you are getting back to yourself. Keep up the positive blogs, that's what we need!