Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Cleanest Face of them all?!

I am a big advocate of having a clean face. After all, there is little point investing hard earned cash into a decent moisturiser/primer or foundation if you don't have the basics in peak condition.

I was discussing this with my friend whilst chilling on the sofa the other day. We were both enjoying a leisurely Sunday evening in our PJ's with Ben & Jerry for company when the topic turned to our cleansing routine. My friend admitted, rather coyly, that she used soap and water. It was the 'clean scent' that allured her to it - and the fact that she didn't know what else to buy.

There are just so many different kinds; gels, oils, creams, foams - the list is endless. I get asked a lot what types of cleansers are good - whether you have to buy an expensive one to get the best results etc. Personally, I have three staple cleansers all from the same brand - Caudalie. I bloody love the stuff. Here is what they are and why I like them...

1. Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Instant Foaming Cleanser

- I use this in the shower. It has a pump action (of which I only need one) which creates a soft and silky foam that I put onto wet skin. I massage it in and then rinse off with either a little round face sponge or a muslin cloth. The fragrance of this product is very mild and, well, I hardly notice it (a good thing in my opinion!) Doesn't leave skin feeling tight but very refreshed and clear. Main Ingredients: Extracts of grape for a glowing complexion, astringent sage, soothing camomile. 

- I use this cleanser when I am not going in the shower and I don't want to get my hair wet! It is a creamy, milky cleanser that is suitable for most skin types. In fact, it is so gentle, you can even use it around your eye area. No water is necessary with this product - just a pump onto a cotton wool pad and off you go with gentle circular movements. I tend to have two cotton pads on the go at once to make sure I get my face super clean! Main ingredients: grape-seed polyphenols (OPC)cornflower water oat milk sweet almond and jojoba oils, shea butter coriander, sweet lime, lemon, guaiac wood, sweet orange, vetiver, sandalwood and hybrid lavender. 

- This is the cleanser I use for total ease. It's what I throw in my bag when I'm going to the gym, I'm travelling or I get home at stupid o'clock, have a full face of makeup on and quite frankly I just want to drop into my bed and die. The thing I love about this product is that it is formuated with micellar water. Basically, what that does is act as a dirt magnet. This special water will attach itself to ALL of the dirt on the skin and wash it away simply and gently. Again, no water (i.e. from the sink required) just some cotton wool pads. Remember that since the procduct attaches itself to the dirt on your face and washes itself onto the pad, you don't have to irriate your skin by rubbing at it like a mad woman.Main ingredients: Extracts of grape for a glowing complexion, moisturising plant glycerine, soothing alpha bisobolol (camomile extracts) toning mint, caraway, galbanum. 

All in all, I have found that all the above cleansers remove my make-up, remove dirt, cleanse the skin and leave it feeling soft and supple. There seems to be a Caudalie cleanser for everyone whether you like to use a lotion, a foam cleanser or a something a bit different with the water. I like the idea that the brand is pretty wholesome. Their products are based on grape extracts, which are powerful antioxidants.They have a committment to use the most natural ingredients and there range is free from toxins such as parabens and petrochemicals.

Okay, so I feel like this has been one hell of a ramble. Hope I haven't bored you all to death. To make it clear - I am in no way affilated with Caudalie - just really impressed with there stuff. I've been using it about 18 months now. Let me know your opinions on it. 

Ciao for now :) 



    1. Hi Em, what a lovely blog you have here!
      I have to confess i have never been a 'cleanse, tone, moisturise' type of girl however so far so good with this years resolution! I always use a 'clean and clear' face scrub in the shower and the moisturiser for afterwards but have been using an avon cleanser, toner, moisturiser most days. i cant say its fabulous but it does the job of removing my make up at the end of a long day. Im wondering where i might find this 'Caudalie' wonder and how much it might set me back?? Now im nearing 30 i decided i should start thinking about this kind of stuff :-)
      Love Gem

    2. Hi Gem - I'm so glad you liked my first blog - I hope you continue to find it useful in sticking with your new year's resolution!
      So, Caudalie is available at Space NK and some independant pharmacies. However, I find the best place to buy it is online (you can often find it cheaper and without p&p costs!) I buy mine from
      In fact, if you scroll back up to the blog and click on the name of each cleanser it should take you straight there :)
      Cost wise £12 approx - well worth it I can tell you! xxx

    3. Hi Emmie :)

      Thanks for the tip, would be very interested of trying the product. Would you know if these products or ingredients have been tested with animals?



    4. Hi Tiia,

      Caudalie have very strict ethics and wouldn't dream of testing on animals!

      The creator of the brand also says,

      "Today, our commitments to the environment are at the heart of our development. We owe everything to the Earth, the vine and everything that grows from it. It is only right that we try to give back one hundred times what it gives us each day."

      Hope that puts your mind at rest. xxx

    5. I have another question - I'm confused about when you'd use a muslin cloth. Are they better for the face than just rinsing with your hands?

      Thank you!

    6. It is true - soap and water!

      It is good to have your recommendations down in writing - no excuses of me forgetting what you told me!



    7. Hello Styleonthecouch,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. With regards to the muslin cloths - I tend to use them to rinse the product off my face. I believe they are better than just using your hands as a)they help remove the cleanser more efficiently and b) they help to exfoliate the skin by removing dead skin cells. The cloths are gentle enough to use everyday and really help stop your skin looking dull.

      If you do decide to give one a go, make sure you put it on a hot wash every other day to ensure no nasty bugs start to lurk in there!

      Hope that helps!