Thursday, 31 March 2011

Review: Simple Eye Make-up Corrector Pen

When it comes to mascara and liquid eyeliner, I am prone to making a hideous mess. I have to have cotton buds with makeup remover on standby to mop up any random black marks under my waterline or to tidy up the flicks on my cats eyes...

Therefore, when I saw that Simple had launched an eye make-up corrector pen, I was intrigued to know if it would be the answer to all these problems.   

Currently £4.99 at Boots
Here is what Simple says:

"It's time to wave goodbye to make up mishaps and make room for a new handbag essential… introducing the new Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Corrector Pen. Its ingenious pen-like design dispenses the award-winning Simple eye make up remover, so you can precisely and easily wipe away those day-to-day make up mistakes like smudges, flaking, streaks and even waterproof mascara, while leaving the rest of your make up untouched. Even better, it contains Pro-Vitamin B5, and with no perfume and no colour, it's suitable for the delicate skin around your eyes, perfect even for sensitive skin"
Sorry for the baaaad photo
Simple has given it all the hype and it sounds great, but does it actually work? I was pretty strict in my testing...
My everyday liquid liner...

Line on the left....GONE!
So, yes, the pen worked. The fine tip allowed for precision and later on, when I tested it under my eyes in what I suppose you'd call it's proper usage, it tidied my smudges up rather well. The downside? As you'd expect, the nib stained almost immediately. 
Simple recommends that you clean it after each use - I thought this kind of defeated the whole purpose of having it really but there you are. I wiped it on a tissue and then a face wipe. Although it didn't return the nib to pristine whiteness, it worked adequately and was clean enough to use again.

In summary: Unlike cotton buds and a bottle of makeup remover, you can carry this pen around with you for emergency quick fixes. The fact that it is not expensive is also a bonus. However, cleaning the nib after each use is a bit of a faff and I can imagine the pen drying out fairly quickly. 

This isn't going to become a staple product for me. I think the shelf life of it will be too short and as sad as I am to say it, I think my pen might be dirty, dried up and dead in the not too distant future.

The Make-up Corrector Pen is retailing at £4.99 and is exclusive to Boots, but only until April 19th when it is launched nationwide.

Have you tried the Corrector pen yet? Let me know what you think...

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