Sunday, 27 March 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

My Mum has had her fair share of flowers and chocolates over the years, so with Mothering Sunday next week, I thought it was about time I ventured into pastures new. 

Below I give you my top finds.

I have had this set myself and I absolutely adored it. Each of the five little bottles contain a different infusion for use in the bath - wood, fire, earth, metal and water - and you can choose them dependant on your mood. For example:

  • Wood - to regenerate and invigorate

  • Fire   - to promote vitality, energy and clarity

  • Earth - to restore equilibrium, calm and centre the mind

  • Water - to unravel stress and tension

  • Metal - to purify and eliminate toxins

  • These are made from 100% natural oils so are free of mineral oils, synthetic fragrance, colours, sulphates and paraben preservatives. What a treat! I think I will be getting these for myself as well as, my good ole' Ma!

    This is a really lovely scent. Space NK describes it perfectly:
     "An alluring combination of Italian bergamot and crushed violet petals, Florence is like a romantic European garden. Even dreamier: blue iris and bottom notes of blonde wood add a sophisticated and feminine flair that's reminiscent of old-world Paris." 
        Some would say ridiculously expensive, others would say it's as good as going to the salon. Whatever your opinion, Serge Normant's Meta Morphosis Hair Repair Treatment is certainly cutting edge. The
        product contains a unique blend of exotic organic and natural ingredients that have been put together by Serge and a team of luxury skin care scientists who have spent time to get the same intensity and richness in hair care as they do with skin.
        " At the core of each product is the bio-tech power of Keravis, a vegetable-derived hair strengthening complex proven to dramatically improve the condition of even the most damaged hair. The science behind Keravis works on two molecular levels; smaller molecules penetrate and moisturise the cortex while larger molecules reinforce the hair shaft."
        This palette is so pretty in the flesh - I want one! There are two eye shadows in Soft Pearl and Golden Brown, along with a Deep Emerald liner and soft pink blush. Very wearable and great for spring. There's no doubt that this is an expensive present, but the quality of the pigments are unquestionably high. 

        Space NK are selling this special Mother's Day gift set from Kiehls which contains:
        1. Crème de Corps 250ml
        2. Lip Balm #1
        3. Soy milk and Honey Body Polish 200ml
        All the classics in one set, what's not to love?

        Hope you all have a good Mother's Day :)

        Ciao for now x


        1. Love the turtle palette, it's so cute i wouldn't want to use it though haha

        2. Hello Kenzie,

          Really glad you decided to comment on this post because now I've found your blog! Following you now ;)

          Yup, I know what you mean about the turtle palette - definately one to gaze adoringly at! xxx