Sunday, 13 March 2011

Three Uber Healthy Snacklets

This morning I had a very tasty juice from Planet Organic in Westbourne Grove; Apple, celery, lemon & cucumber.

Super refreshing and I knew that all those vitamins and minerals would be doing me no end of good. All the ingredients of this juice (which I am sure you can whizz up at home) offer some interesting health benefits - 
  • Cucumber juice contains silicon and sulfur which makes it super helpful in promoting hair growth.
  • Celery can help to eliminate toxins from the body and is a natural diuretic.
  • Apple juice is an all around star - full of vitamin C & A, as well as anti-oxidants.
Anyway, enough rambling and onto the main point of this blog post. It is true to say that I am very conscious of all the skincare products that I use. I look at all the ingredients, choose products that where possible do not use PEGS, parabens or other 'nasties.'  

The truth is though, to get your skin in peak condition what you put into your body counts just as much as what you put onto it. Therefore, here are three of my current favourite healthy foods. Mega yum (and they seriously are...)

1. Rude Health 'the ultimate' Muesli 

This particular muesli created quite a bit of hype some 24 months ago - It seemed to be in every magazine and newspaper as the 'thing' to be eating. All health conscious celebrities were ditching their egg-white omelets in favour of this concoction which contains everything from the fashionable goji berry to protein rich quinoa flakes. As it proudly states on the box, this organic, wheat-free muesli has no less than 23 ingredients so it doesn't come cheap - each 500g box is around £5.49. 

Thinking about it though, I would think nothing of spending that amount on a new beauty product. I reckon if I read what this muesli could offer on the packaging of a new cream I would jump at the chance to try it. I wonder if it might look something like this:
  • Helps skin look youthful (Vitamin E in nuts & seeds)
  • Promotes strong hair and nails (trace mineral silica via oats)
  • Protects skin against damaging ultraviolet radiation (sunflower seeds)
  • Anti-oxidant rich cranberries 
  • Sun damage protection (betacarotene in goji berries)
  • Immune-boosting blueberries 
Oh, one last thing on Rude Health's Ultimate Muesli -did I mention that it just tastes so good? I like to have mine with natural yogurt and fresh fruit.
Just a little snacklet after a workout...
2. M&S Orange and Carrot Juice

Fresh from the Fridge...

This is a new juice from good old Marks and Spencer. Two of your 'five a day' in a handy sized bottle. Tangy and refreshing, simple ingredients with nothing extra added. What more can I say? 

3. BEAR Granola Nibbles 

Ingredients: whole grain oats & maize
baked apples pieces (9%)
apple, grape and carob extract
absolutely nothing else.
Sometimes when I hear the word 'granola' I think of heavily laden sugary cereals - yes super tasty - but not all that good for you. Well bring on BEAR! I discovered these little beauties pretty much as soon as they came onto the UK market and I absolutely love them. Firstly, let me explain. These 30g bags of pure pleasure are not marketed as cereal. They aren't specifically meant to be eaten for breakfast (although I'm sure you could and I do sometimes when I am in a mad rush and need to sling something in my bag).They're meant as an uber healthy snack and come in three flavours; Apple crumble (huge thumbs up), tropical crunch and cocoa cherry pie. 

It's kind of like you're being a bit naughty eating these crunchy clusters but really there's nothing to fear! BEAR's nibbles are made from 100% whole grains (oats and maize) and fruit (i.e. baked apple pieces in the apple crumble flavour). Only 98 calories a bag and one of your 'three a day' - win, win, win. They are extra yummy sprinkled on yoghurt with banana or icecream for an extra special treat.

I hope you've enjoyed this post - feel free to comment below :)

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