Monday, 14 March 2011

A very quick post to show my outfit of the day. Just something simple and easy to wear to the office.
This is a no smoking doorway
This morning was the typical Monday morning rush and I struggled to get out the house on time. One arm was trying to straighten my hair, whilst the other was trying to feed the dog. The consequence of such a hectic start to the day meant that apart from some hoop earings and a couple of staple rings, I am devoid of all jewellery. I literally ran out of time. It's funny how naked I felt! 

Anyway, as simple as 1,2,3.

Sorry - I know this picture is a bit woah! in your face!

Makeup wise, really simple. Wanted a very subtle daytime look - sorry I didn't take a picture with my eyes'h!
  • Primer: MAC Prep & Prime
  • Foundation: MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 (shade NW10)
  • Powder: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish (medium)
  • Bronzer: NARS Laguna
  • Eye brow pencil: MAC's (stud)
  • Eyebrow set: Boots No.7
  • Blusher: Benefit's Bella Bamba
  • Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • Eye Shadow: Benefit's Creaseless Cream (Skinny jeans)
  • Highlighter: Sleek Shadow Palette
  • Eye Liner: Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt tip Liner (Black)
  • Mascara: MAC Falsh Lashes
  • Lips: NARS lipgloss (Nana)
Let me know if you'd like to see make-up tutorials on here... 

Ciao for now x

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  1. Lovely casual but chic outfit for work. Love that you give us so much detail about your make-up. I'd really like to know how to achieve the no-make-up look, I either look as though I really have nothing on, or completely over-do it!